Keyword Idesa By Nested Google Search Auto-completions

Free Automated Keyword Ideas by Nested Google Search Auto-completions

How to Use This Tool

This tool helps you generate extensive keyword ideas for SEO by using Google's Suggestqueries API. Here's how to use it:

  1. Enter Your Keywords: Start by entering the initial keywords you want to expand.
  2. Fetch Suggestions: The tool fetches keyword suggestions from Google's API based on your input.
  3. Expand Keywords: It then uses these suggestions as new seeds to generate further expanded keyword ideas.
  4. Review Results: You'll get a broad range of associated search terms tailored for SEO enhancement.

This process is easy, automated, and perfect for improving your SEO strategy.

How It Works

The workflow consists of several automated steps to ensure comprehensive keyword generation:

  1. Initial Keyword Input: You provide the initial keywords you want to expand.
  2. Fetch Suggestions: The tool uses Google's Suggestqueries API to fetch suggestions for these keywords.
  3. Generate New Seeds: The suggestions are then used as new seeds to fetch more keyword ideas.
  4. Nested Search: This nested approach continues until a broad range of keywords is generated.
  5. Output Results: The final expanded list of keywords is compiled for your review and use in SEO strategies.

This ensures a thorough and effective keyword generation process.


Q: How do I enter the keywords?
A: Enter your keywords in the provided field at the start of the process.

Q: What kind of keyword suggestions will I get?
A: You'll get a broad range of related keyword ideas based on Google's autocomplete suggestions.

Q: How are the keywords generated?
A: The tool uses Google's Suggestqueries API to fetch initial suggestions, then uses those suggestions to generate even more keywords.

Q: Can I customize the search language?
A: Yes, you can choose the language for the Google Suggestions API.

Q: How do I integrate the results into my SEO strategy?
A: Use the expanded list of keywords to optimize your content and improve your search engine rankings.