Keyword Search Intent Analyze

Free Keyword Search Intent Analyze Tool

How to Use This Tool

Using the Free Keyword Search Intent Analyze Tool is easy and intuitive. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Input Keywords: Start by entering the keywords you want to analyze. These keywords will be used to query Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data.
  2. Set Parameters: Customize your search by selecting the country and language preferences. This will tailor the search results to your specific needs.
  3. Run the Analysis: Click the 'Run' button to start the workflow. The tool will fetch and analyze the top search results for your keywords.
  4. View Results: The analysis will display the content type, target audience, and search intent for each keyword. You can download the results as a CSV file or save them to a sheet within the platform.

How It Works

The Keyword Search Intent Analyze Tool follows a detailed workflow to deliver accurate insights:

  1. Google SERP Queries: The tool queries Google SERP using the specified keywords. It retrieves the top search results, focusing on various aspects such as articles, products, user-generated content (UGC), and more.
  2. Search Intent Analysis: The tool uses a sophisticated AI model to analyze the SERP data. It answers key questions:
    • Are the majority of ranking URLs articles, products, or UGC?
    • Who is likely searching for these keywords (beginners, experts, buyers)?
    • What is the search intent behind each keyword?
    • What should a page targeting each keyword include to satisfy the user?
    • How in-depth should content be to satisfy the query?
  3. Target Persona Summary: Based on the analysis, the tool generates a summary of 2-3 target personas. Each persona includes a page goal and information on how to make the page more helpful for that audience.


Q: How do I input keywords for analysis?
A: Simply type your keywords into the 'Search Keywords' field and the tool will use these for the SERP analysis.

Q: Can I customize the country and language for my search?
A: Yes, you can select the desired country and language to tailor the search results to your preferences.

Q: How do I integrate this tool into my website?
A: You can embed the interactive form UI into any website using an iframe embedding code provided by the tool.

Q: Can I save the analysis results?
A: Yes, you can save the results to a sheet within the platform or download them as a CSV file.