Website Internal Links Extractor

Free Automated Website Internal Links Extractor

How to Use This Tool

Using the Website Internal Links Extractor is simple and effective. Follow these steps to automate the extraction of internal links from any website:

  1. Define Your Website URL: Enter the URL of the website from which you want to extract internal links. This URL will be the starting point for the tool to navigate through the site.
  2. Set Parameters: Specify the depth of scraping and other parameters as needed. You can customize the scraping depth to determine how many levels of links to extract.
  3. Run the Workflow: Start the extraction process. The tool will automatically scrape the website, extract internal links, and gather relevant data.
  4. View and Download Results: Once the extraction is complete, you can view the results in a structured format. The data can be downloaded as a CSV file or saved to a sheet in the platform.

How It Works

The Website Internal Links Extractor uses a series of automated steps to gather and summarize internal links from a specified website. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the workflow:

  1. Parameter Definition:

    • Input the target website URL and define other scraping parameters.
    • The tool sets up the parameters to ensure it extracts relevant internal links.
      "website_url": ""
  2. Link Extraction:

    • The tool uses web scraping technology to navigate through the specified website.
    • It identifies and extracts internal links based on the defined parameters.
  3. Data Summarization:

    • After extracting the links, the tool summarizes the data.
    • It generates a structured output containing titles, descriptions, and URLs of the internal links.
      "title": "Sample Title",
      "description": "Sample description of the link",
      "url": ""
  4. Output Generation:

    • The summarized data is formatted and ready for download.
    • Users can save the output to a sheet or download it as a CSV file for further analysis.


Q: What is the Website Internal Links Extractor?

A: The Website Internal Links Extractor is a tool that automates the process of extracting internal links from any specified website, summarizing the data into a structured format for easy analysis.

Q: How can this tool help improve my website?

A: By extracting and analyzing internal links, you can gain insights into your website’s link structure, identify potential SEO improvements, and ensure proper internal linking for better navigation and user experience.

Q: Is this tool free to use?

A: Yes, the tool is free to use with BurstyAI's Free subscription plan.

Q: Can I customize the scraping parameters?

A: Absolutely! You can customize various parameters such as scraping depth, device type, and more to suit your specific needs.

Q: How do I integrate the tool with my website?

A: You can embed the interactive form UI into your website using an iframe embedding code, making it easy to integrate and use the tool directly on your site.