Write Blog With Reference Content & Blog Rewrite

Free Automated Blog Content Creation & SEO Optimization Tool

How to Use This Tool

  1. Input Blog Title and Reference Content
    • Start by entering your blog title and the reference content you want to use.
  2. Generate Summaries and Outlines
    • The tool will summarize your reference content and create a structured blog outline.
  3. Create Detailed HTML Content
    • It will generate detailed HTML content for each section of your blog.
  4. Select and Integrate Media
    • Choose relevant images and videos to enhance your blog post.
  5. Publish to WordPress
    • Finally, publish your SEO-optimized blog post directly to WordPress.

How It Works

  1. Summarize Reference Content
    • The tool takes your input and summarizes the reference content into a structured format.
  2. Create Blog Article Outline
    • It generates a detailed outline based on your reference content and blog title.
  3. Write Blog Section Content
    • Each section of the blog is written in HTML, using a clear and engaging language.
  4. Aggregate Data
    • The content is aggregated and prepared for publishing.
  5. Generate AI Images
    • The tool generates AI-based image prompts relevant to your blog content.
  6. Review and Merge Media
    • Images and videos are reviewed and integrated into the blog outline.
  7. Publish to WordPress
    • The final blog post, complete with SEO metadata, is published to your WordPress site.


Q: How do I start using it, it seems need complex input? A: This workflow is intended to be used with other workflow which generates inputs for this one.

Q: How do I input my blog title and reference content? A: You can input these details in the designated fields when you start using the tool.

Q: Can I customize the blog outline and content? A: Yes, you can customize everything using the no-code drag-drop builder.

Q: How are images and videos added to the blog? A: The tool selects and integrates relevant images and videos based on your input.

Q: How is the content optimized for SEO? A: The tool generates SEO metadata and ensures the content is structured with SEO best practices.

Q: Do I need to provide credentials for WordPress publishing? A: Yes, you will need to fill in your WordPress credentials on the credential page here.