Top Ranked Page to Blog Post

Free Automated Tool to Transform Top Ranked Pages into Blog Posts

How to Use This Tool

  1. Enter Keywords: Begin by entering the keywords you want to target. These keywords will be used to search for top-ranked pages on Google.
  2. Fetch Top Pages: The tool will automatically search Google and find the top-ranked pages based on your keywords.
  3. Extract Content: It will extract key elements like text and images from the top webpage.
  4. Generate Blog Post: Finally, it will compile these elements into a ready-to-publish blog post.
  5. Customize and Publish: Review the generated content, make any necessary edits, and publish it on your blog.

How It Works

  1. Define Workflow Parameters: Input the search keywords.
  2. Google Search: The tool searches Google for the top-ranked pages using the specified keywords.
  3. Extract URL and Content: It extracts the URL and title of the top page and scrapes the content from it.
  4. Aggregate Images: Images are fetched based on the search and aggregated into an array.
  5. Compile Blog Post: The extracted text and images are combined to create a comprehensive blog post.
  6. Export Options: Save the blog post to a sheet or download it as a CSV file for easy publication.


Q: How do I enter my search keywords?
A: You can enter your search keywords in the designated input field when setting up the workflow.

Q: Can I customize the generated blog post?
A: Yes, you can review and edit the blog post before publishing it.

Q: How are images handled in the blog post?
A: The tool fetches and aggregates relevant images based on your keywords, which are then included in the blog post.

Q: Can this tool connect to third-party services like WordPress?
A: Yes, you can connect it to your WordPress account by entering the required data on the credentials page here, the blog post will post directly to your WordPress website then.

Q: Is this tool free to use?
A: Yes, it is free to use within the BurstyAI platform's free subscription plan.